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Let's Recap

Firstly, let's recap what we've already learnt through InfosmART.


Having completed Module 1, you are now able to:

>> Identify key sources of information from a wider set.

>> Identify the value and differences of potential resources in a variety of formats.

>> Explain the relative values of searching and browsing.

>> Differentiate between primary and secondary information.

>> Define effective keywords that describe the information need.

>> Identify synonyms, broader and narrower terms, and variants.

>> Construct strategies for locating information.


Having completed Module 2, you are now able to:

>> Source, navigate, select, and retrieve information from a variety of sources.

>> Locate and access books, archive materials, images, dissertations, multimedia and other information products.

>> Find images by using a variety of image sources.

>> Interpret and use library shelfmarks.

>> Locate and access journal articles using bibliographic, full-text and e-journal services.

>> Access external resources through services such as union catalogues and inter-library loans.

>> Explain how search engines index information and apply relevance ranking.

>> Refine keywords using operators in order to achieve better search results.